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Quanta+, Quanta Plus is an HTML editor for the K Desktop Environment.

Updated by Editors on Wednesday, October 3, 2012.
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Quanta Plus is an HTML editor for the K Desktop Environment. This program is designed for quick web development! While it is still in the early stages it is moving very quickly. Our objective is to produce a complete web development environment! Look for active development with a focus on supporting professional level development. This means full HTML 4.0 support including cascading style sheets and lots of time saving features. Also support is planned for Perl, Javascript and PHP. Our design objectives are simple: Provide maximum flexibility and control, Allow users to customize it through a well designed interface, Implement all functions based upon optimum production speed for users, Keep it simple enough in concept that a newbie can be immeditately productive. Finally, while Quanta may still resemble other editors, we ruthlessly ask "why" and "why not" about every element with the objective that every click and key stroke saved translates into good things for the user. Quanta supports fast tag insertion, project management with ftp, context tag reference documentation, context tag editing and internal preview. You can navigate across documents using file tree or by clicking the links in the preview window.

Requirements: KDE 3.3

Latest releases :

4.9.2 [Stable]
October 3, 2012

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