Atmail Server Edition 6.6.0

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Atmail Server Edition, Atmail is a full featured WebMail and Email Server.

Updated by Atmail on Monday, September 17, 2012.
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Atmail is a full featured Webmail and Email Server allowing users to send/receive Email using a Web browser, Mobile Optimised WebClient or your preferred mail client. Atmail uses open standards for email server connection and contacts and calendar syncing and sharing. Atmails browser WebClient is customizable and has an attractive business style interface. Atmail offers a variety of pre-built deployment methods, such as VMware Virtual Machine and KVM, you can also download the source code to run on your own PHP server or purchase a pre-built plug-n-play hardware appliance for your data center.

Atmail can scale from single server personal/small business use, all the way up to multi-server clustered solutions powering hundreds of thousands of ISP/Telecommunications end-users.

Atmail offer a free evaluation both online or downloadable to test on your own hardware.

Platforms: Linux/Unix, CentOS
Requirements: MySQL, PHP, Apache
Source-available commercial

Additional Media :

Atmail Server Edition Screenshot 2/4
WebAdmin screenshot showing server configuration options set-able from within a web browser.
Atmail Server Edition Screenshot 3/4
Atmail Email Server Address Book - screenshot shows contacts.
Atmail Server Edition Screenshot 4/4
Atmail Online Calendar - create, edit and view events and meetings online through a web browser.

Latest releases :

6.6.0 [Stable]
September 17, 2012
Outlook Add-in release for Contacts & Calendar exchange syncingbetween Outlook and Atmail Server using ActiveSync.
6.5.0 [Stable]
2 new large features - Online file storage with sharing and MobileOptimised UI.

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Atmail 6.1.6
By Anonymous on Saturday, March 27, 2010.

I love Atmail's UI!

Much better then some of the competing products; well done guys.

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