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Wbmtranslator, A translation assistant for webmin/usermin modules.

Updated by esaracco on Saturday, August 2, 2014.
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Wbmtranslator is a translation assistant for webmin/usermin modules.

Platforms: POSIX
Requirements: webmin

Latest releases :

0.7.3 [Stable]
August 2, 2014
Updated German translation (Raymond Vetter).Updated "webmin-core-modules.data".Increased "send translation" combobox.
0.7.2 [Stable]
Fixed translation console encoding.Fixed a bug with core Webmin translations.Removed Google translation console and replaced it with Reverso.Save user translation console choice in a cookie.Updated "webmin-core-modules.data".Moved *modules.data files to "data/" directory.Updated wbmtranslator download URL.

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Emmanuel Saracco
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