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Zenwalk, Linux distribution based on Slackware.

Updated by Editors on Friday, February 14, 2014.
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Zenwalk is a modern, fast, rational, complete GNU/Linux operating system. Zenwalk is based on Slackware, a robust Linux distribution truly faithful to the spirit of Unix, with which it is compatible. Zenwalk is recognized today as one of the fastest distributions available in binary version.

There are 2 versions of Zenwalk.

Zenwalk: Zenwalk is a complete system. Out of the box, you will be able to browse, mail, chat, listen to music, program in C, Perl, Python, Ruby,.. watch videos in various formats, write documents, print, scan, burn CD and DVD, connect your camera and edit your photographs, without adding anything. Coders will like the full set of development libraries and interpreters.

Zenwalk Core: Zenwalk-core is is a Zenwalk system without X applications. Zenwalk-core is intended to be used as a starting point to build a custom desktop system or a server system, and for users with limited space on their disk, or great perfectionists wanting to build their personal desktop system themselves.

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7.2 RC5

Latest releases :

7.4 [Stable]
February 14, 2014

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