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Mixxx, DJ tool designed for both professional and amateur.

Updated by Editors on Monday, February 25, 2013.
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Mixxx is an open source DJ tool designed for both professional and amateur DJs alike.

Mixxx allows DJs to mix music digitally with a clean, simple interface. Futhermore, Mixxx has a number of key features to help DJs live in the mix: Beat estimation, parallel visual displays, and support for various DJ hardware controllers.

Mixxx is designed with a strong focus on interaction. Mixxx is easy to use for novice and professional DJ's, including live performances. Import M3U and PLS playlists from any program, as well as drag-and-drop tracks right into Mixxx.

Mixxx reads most popular sound formats, including MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and Wave. For communication, Mixxx supports MIDI controllers along with standard input devices such as joysticks and mice.


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1.10.1 [Stable]
February 25, 2013

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