PyQt 4.10.3

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PyQt, Set of Python bindings for Trolltech's Qt application.

Updated by Editors on Friday, August 23, 2013.

PyQt brings together the Qt C++ cross-platform application framework and the cross-platform interpreted language Python.

PyQt is a set of Python bindings for Trolltech's Qt application framework and runs on all platforms supported by Qt including Windows, MacOS/X and Linux. There are two sets of bindings: PyQt v4 supports Qt v4; and the older PyQt v3 supports Qt v3 and earlier. The bindings are implemented as a set of Python modules and contain over 300 classes and nearly 6,000 functions and methods.

PyQt combines all the advantages of Qt and Python. A programmer has all the power of Qt, but is able to exploit it with the simplicity of Python.

PyQt includes pyuic which takes the same designs that uic converts to C++, but converts them to the equivalent Python code. This makes PyQt particularly useful as a rapid prototyping environment for applications that will eventually be implemented in C++.


Latest releases :

4.10.3 [Stable]
August 23, 2013

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