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Open-Xchange, Offers reliable and scalable messaging and advanced collaboration solutions.

Updated by Editors on Friday, November 16, 2012.

Open-Xchange Community Edition delivers Smart Collaboration™. Smart Collaboration simplies everyday life, work and social interactions. It is based on AJAX, open source software and open standards and offers reliable and scalable messaging and advanced collaboration solutions. Specifically, Open-Xchange Community Edition offers email, calendar, contacts, tasks, documents, bookmarks and knowledge entries. Unique features of the Open-Xchange Server are: Infostore: a common repository of documents, bookmarks and knowledge entries; Documail: the integration of email and document sharing/version control; Smart Links between all collaboration objects; Smart Privacy that let’s users define read and write access to all collaboration objects; and Universal Access: the ability to access the server from the widest variety of browsers, clients and mobile devices. Organizations use Open-Xchange’s web-based administration module to add, delete and change user roles and entitlements.


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6.22.1 [Stable]
November 16, 2012

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