NolaPro 5.0.10292

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NolaPro, Web based accounting software.

Updated by Editors on Monday, October 14, 2013.

NolaPro includes secure accounting modules along with order entry, inventory tracking, full payroll services, point-of-sale support, and many ecommerce tools.The software also allows separate books for multiple companies and no per-users or data restrictions. There is also no license expiration, no banners, no spyware, no nag screens, and no gimmicks. There is also NO COST unless you choose optional value-added services such as training, live 24/7 support, technical consulting, financial auditing, on-demand hosting, or best of all, customizations which allow NolaPro to be tailored to fit any unique business operations. NolaPro has been fully supported and used worldwide since 2003.

Platforms: Linux/Windows
Requirements: Apache, MySql, PHP

Latest releases :

5.0.10292 [Stable]
October 14, 2013

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