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Sg3_utils, Utilities that send SCSI commands to devices.

Updated by Editors on Wednesday, June 5, 2013.

Sg3_utils package contains utilities that send SCSI commands to devices. As well as devices on transports traditionally associated with SCSI (e.g. Fibre Channel (FCP), Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and the SCSI Parallel Interface(SPI)) many other devices use SCSI command sets. ATAPI cd/dvd drives and SATA disks that connect via a translation layer or a bridge device are examples of devices that use SCSI command sets.

SCSI command sets are divided into a common set and several device class specific sets. The common set of commands is referred to as the SCSI Primary Commands (SPC) with SPC-3 being the most recent standard. The mandatory SCSI INQUIRY command is defined in SPC-3. The SCSI Block Commands (SBC) cover direct access devices such as disks.


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1.36 [Stable]
June 5, 2013

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