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Kdenlive, Non-linear video editor.

Updated by on Sunday, April 7, 2013.
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Kdenlive is a non-linear video editor for GNU/Linux, which supports DV, HDV and AVCHD(not complete yet) editing.

Kdenlive relies on several other open source projects like FFmpeg and the MLT video framework. It was designed to answer all needs, from basic video editing to semi-professionnal work.

Requirements: kde,qt,mlt,ffmpeg

Latest releases :

0.9.6 [Stable]
April 7, 2013
This version adds a Reverse clip option to Clip Jobs that creates a backwards clip.The list of audio / video bitrates can now be customized in custom rendering profiles. Version 0.9.6 also fixes several bugs and crashes, including a very annoying bug that caused project files to seem corrupted.

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