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Transmageddon, Video and Audio transcoder.

Updated by uraeus on Saturday, October 13, 2012.
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Transmageddon is an easy to use transcoding application allowing you to re-encode and remux into a wide variety of formats.

Platforms: Linux
Requirements: GStreamer, GTK+

Latest releases :

0.25 [Stable]
October 13, 2012
0.21 [Stable]
This is a small bugfix release of the stable version of Transmageddon for GStreamer 0.10Fix MPEG4 profiles to work with new caps in GStreamerMove preset directory to be Transmageddon specificStop using XDG python library and just use glibFix bug with repeated remuxings of same fileAdded or updated Brazilian, Swedish, Slovak, Turkish and Serbian translation

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Christian Schaller
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