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W3Perl, Web logfile analyser package.

Updated by on Thursday, July 3, 2014.
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W3Perl is a powerful tool to monitor your webserver. But it can also read FTP /Squid/CUPS or mail logfiles. It allows most statistical data to be ouput with graphical and textual informations. The perl scripts analyze logfiles and produce HTML/PDF reports which can be sent by email. It can use server's logfiles or a javascript tag to be inserted in web page. W3Perl can be run from the command line or from the web interface.

Platforms: Unix, Windows, MacOS
Requirements: Perl

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W3Perl Screenshot 3/3

Latest releases :

3.19 [Stable]
July 3, 2014
Countries maps thanks to jvectormap, a javascript toolRegion maps with city location when the GeoIPCity plugin is activatedSSH supportMore graphs Rsync/sftp/wget support to retrieve external logfiles

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