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Friday, May 11, 2012

Project management software are used to evaluate, plan, shedule, execute, manage, develop and maintain, collaborative (then complex) projects of all kinds. They usually include time, costs, issues tracking functions, users access control, calendar, documentation managers, as well as specialized modules (i.e CVS for software development).

In this article we will review some of the most used, web based, open source management systems.


Redmine is one of the most used open source project management, and suits particularly the needs of teams used to Ruby on Rails (a Web application framework). It is near impossible to list all the features redmine offers. Users will of course appreciate the ability to manage different projects inside the same web instance. Administrators will welcome the possibility to declare a project private, to assign role an permissions to users, or to be able to disable modules at project level.

Redmine includes gantt, calendar, per project wiki and forums. It also supports the main version control systems (Mercurial, CVS, Subversion, git, etc.) as well as the main databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite ...)

Download Redmine


An other well-known project management web application. Trac is aimed at software development projects. Web based, it offers an interface to the Subversion control system (as well as to Mercurial and Git) and includes a wiki (TrackWiki). Additional plugins can be installed.

Download Trac


GanttProject is a cross-platform open source project scheduling and management software. GanttProject can output Gantt and PERT charts, and export HTML and PDF reports.

Download GanttProject


Collabtive is a cloud based project management system developed in PHP, and a real alternative to proprietary solutions like Basecamp or ActiveCollab. Collabtive can manage unlimited projects, task-lists, users and profiles.

Download Collabtive

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