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Chakra Linux, User-friendly and extremely powerful Linux distribution.

Updated by on Friday, May 31, 2013.
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Chakra Linux is a fast, user-friendly and extremely powerful Linux distribution specially made for the award winning KDE Software Compilation and the Plasma desktop.

Chakra Linux is currently under heavy and active development, it features a graphical installer, automatic hardware configuration, and of course some more tools and extras.

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Latest releases :

2013.03 [Stable]
Tribe (the installer) has a netinstaller feature implemented, giving the user the option for a regular offline install, or install fully updated packages, starting with a minimal functional KDE desktop, and adding groups of packages to that minimal install as desired. KDE Software Compilation is updated to 4.10.1. Kapudan has launchers added and improved systemd units activation handling. GFXboot has improved keyboard options and for the artwork, the "Dharma Grub" theme is updated.

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