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GNOME, GNOME desktop environment.

Updated by aloatist on Wednesday, September 25, 2013.
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The GNOME project was born as an effort to create an entirely free desktop environment for free systems. From the start, the main objective of GNOME has been to provide a user friendly suite of applications and an easy-to-use desktop. GNOME is a large collection of software, created over the last two years. It ranges in scope from small utilities to large, powerful systems, and from low-level development libraries to end-user applications.

GNOME version 3 introduces an exciting new interface which has been designed for today's users and which is suited to a range of modern computing devices.

Open Source

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The Activities Overview is the portal to all your computing activities.
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Search is central to GNOME 3. Applications, windows, documents and even settings can all be quickly and easily searched for from one place.

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3.9.92 [Devel]
September 25, 2013

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Walking towards perfection
By Anonymous on Wednesday, May 23, 2001.

We don't need any proprietary code in our boxes! GNOME is the most outstanding evidence that Open Source software can, and must be (even by its nature) better than any proprietary code out there. Not yet perfect, but quite close to that, and proving that Unices can be as easy as (if not easier than) commercial OSs.

Gnome v1.2
By Anonymous on Thursday, June 1, 2000.

Gnome v1.2 is The Desktop even MacOS doesnt look that cool !

KEEP THE GREAT WORK !!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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