EZ publish Content Management System 2012.11-0

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EZ publish Content Management System, Content Management System (CMS) and development framework (CMF).

Updated by on Sunday, December 16, 2012.

EZ publish is an Open Source Enterprise Content Management System and development framework.

With advanced functionality for content management (CMS), e-commerce, intranets and much more, you can build your dynamic internet solutions fast and reliable. It has the flexibility for making about any web solution with general libraries and functionality, but still it is a ready CMS and e-commerce solution you can set up without any php programming knowledge.

eZ publish is dual licenced between GPL and the eZ publish professional licence, which means you can use it for free under GPL for your website or you can build commercial software with the professional licence.

eZ publish is build after the eZ software philosophy: Open software that has an open and dynamic architecture, and follow general open standards. Usability for the target user is a top priority and the software is developed following strict academic processes ensuring a high quality and ease of use.

Platforms: Linux, Windows, FreeBSD etc
Requirements: PHP, Apache, MySQL

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