PhpMyAdmin 4.2.6 / 4.0.9-rc1

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PhpMyAdmin, Php front-end to MySQL administration.

Updated by Editors on Friday, July 18, 2014.

PhpMyAdmin is a php front-end that allow to manage a whole MySQL server, as well as a single database, locally or over the web.

Currently phpMyAdmin can:

  • Create and drop databases;
  • Create, copy, drop and alter tables;
  • Delete, edit and add fields;
  • Execute any SQL-statement, even batch-queries;
  • Manage keys on fields;
  • Load text files into tables;
  • Create and read dumps of tables;
  • Export and import data to CSV values;
  • Administer multiple servers and single databases;
  • Check referential integrity;
  • Create complex queries automatically;
  • Connecting required tables;
  • Create PDF graphics of your Database layout;
  • Communicate in more than 55 different languages.


Latest releases :

4.2.6 [Stable]
July 18, 2014

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