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Gnew, Gnew is a simple Content Management System (CMS).

Updated by raoulp on Sunday, January 10, 2016.

Gnew is a simple Content Management System (CMS) written with the PHP language and using a database server (MySQL or PostgreSQL or SQLite) for storage. It is fully customizable since it uses a templates system and supports multiple languages.

Gnew is an open-source software distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL license version 3.

Main features:

- Easy installation - Multi-languages interface - Full customization with templates - Simple but complete administration section - Multi-levels categories - Articles management - News management with an advanced comments system - Polls management - Users management - Forum - Search engine - RSS feeds generation - BBCode tags and HTML tags support - Emoticons support - And more.

Platforms: All
Requirements: A webserver or hosting account, PHP 5.3.0+, MySQL 5.0+ or PostgreSQL 8.4+ or SQLite (PHP 5.x)

Latest releases :

2016.1 [Stable]
January 10, 2016
ZSL-2013-5153: multiple XSS and SQL injection vulnerabilities fixes. Thanks to Gjoko Krstic for reporting.Other security fixescheck_email() function fixImprovement of deletions of categories Script timeout delay in the tables creation loop Previewing layout of posts is now identical to the displaying layoutShowing creators in the list of polls
2013.1 [Stable]
The project is back after months of inactivity and the list of changes is too long.
2012.3 [Stable]
possibility to purge the cache files in the cache/ directory from the admin sectiondate of RSS feeds fixed improved management of articles for the public section: articles/index.php lists items while articles/read.php displays themmajor improvements in the text processing functions: chars2entitiesimproved alignment of code lines sql/ directory moved to install/index initialization checked in comments/search.php, news/search.php and posts/search.php filesminor templates improvements

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Raoul Proença
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