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M23, Deploy and manage your Linux clients with m23 using your web browser.

Updated by hhabermann on Tuesday, September 22, 2015.
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M23 is an open source software deployment tool which can install and administer clients with Debian, (K/X)Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, OpenSuse, elementary OS and CentOS via network. m23 is controlled via the webbrowser of your choice. The installation of a new client is accomplished in only three steps, integrating existing clients is also possible. Group functions and mass installation tools simplify the management of a large number of clients. After the initial setup, m23 can help with an administrator's daily work by making updates and installing new packages on single clients as well as on whole groups of clients. The integrated client and server backup protects you from losing data. By use of virtualisation, virtual m23 clients can be set up on the m23 server as well as on m23 clients which will then be managed by m23. You can create scripts and meta software packages directly from the m23 user interface. The halfSister extension allows experienced administrators to integrate other Linux distributions into the list of supported client operating systems. NFS, RAID and LDAP are supported. Different graphical interfaces or text mode can be selected for the client. Available as ISO (for x86 and for Raspberry Pi), deb and virtual machine.

Platforms: x86
Requirements: Network; Server or other computer

Additional Media :

M23 Screenshot 2/6
Adding a new client.
M23 Screenshot 3/6
Partitioning and formating of a client.
M23 Screenshot 4/6
Installation of additional software.
M23 Screenshot 5/6
Select value generation method for mass installation.
M23 Screenshot 6/6
Clients overview.

Latest releases :

15.2 [Stable]
September 22, 2015
Main changes in a nutshell:Debian 8 Jessie for m23 server and m23 clientsnow supporting the additional client distributions Linux Mint 17.2 Rafaela and Linux Mint 17.1 Rebeccanow includes a simple firewall configuration, which can be added directly in the web interfaceautomated mirror selection to protect from server outages
15.1 [Stable]
The latest m23 release "rock 15.1" contains a whole lot of changes and improvements. Some of these are changes 'under the hood', for example the completely rewritten partitioning and formatting routines, plus some small changes to the corresponding parts of the web interface, while other changes are rather obvious, like the fully redesigned script editor. Support for UEFI on m23 clients is now available and new functionalities for fast copying/deployment of large files using BitTorrent. The m23 CLI also received a couple new functions.
14.1 [Stable]
The latest m23 release focuses on two main new features: For one, on support for Apache CloudStack® and on the other hand on the extended options to clone machines.Also, several minor and major improvements and bugfixes have been made. For example, the package search is now a lot faster than it was before and X2Go can already be installed during the primary setup of a client.For more information, please read the release announcement on the m23 website:http://m23.sourceforge.net/PostNuke-0.750/html/index.php?id=1000000454
13.2 [Stable]
In version rock 13.2, m23 comes with full support for Debian 7 Wheezy - for server, clients and network bootimages. Linux Mint 15 clients can now be integrated, a new solution strategy for problems with external (non-m23) DHCP servers has been added, the client job handling was sped up, package selections can be saved in an external file for easier transfer, SSL verification can be deactivated, the development guide was updated and extended, and the ground was prepared for integration of non-deb-based systems.Full article on changes can be found at http://m23.sourceforge.net/PostNuke-0.750/html/index.php?id=1000000438 .

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