Absolute Linux 14.03

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Absolute Linux, Lightweight modification of Slackware.

Updated by Editors on Tuesday, January 8, 2013.
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Lightweight modification of Slackware that uses Icewm/ROX for window/file management. Easy to setup in that all packages are installed by default with most used applications for a typical desktop preconfigured. Simple to maintain in that there are MANY helper utilities to perform what would be command line tasks or detailed file editing on a stock Slackware install. Secure and speedy with very limited overhead, few daemons and system/software configuration must be done as root. Especially appropriate for use on older hardware and in an academic/business environment. CD-2 includes additional software preconfigured for use (menus and mime types) including OpenOffice, WPClipart, Scribus and a large group of games.

Platforms: x86
Requirements: P1 or K6-2 or greater, 48mb RAM, 64 suggested minimum

Latest releases :

14.03 [Stable]
January 8, 2013

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