Boost libraries 1.55.0 / 1.49.0.beta.1

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Boost libraries, Portable C++ source libraries.

Updated by Editors on Friday, November 29, 2013.

Boost provides free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries.

Ten Boost libraries are already included in the C++ Standards Committee's Library Technical Report (TR1) and will be in the new C++0x Standard now being finalized. C++0x will also include several more Boost libraries in addition to those from TR1. More Boost libraries are proposed for TR2.

Boost works on almost any modern operating system, including UNIX and Windows variants.

Libraries: Asio, Config, Flyweight, Foreach, Fusion, Graph, Interprocess, Math, Meta State Machine, MultiArray, Proto, Spirit, TypeTraits, uBLAS, Unordered, Wave, Xpressive.

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