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KmailCvt, Imports Outlook Express 4 and 5 to kmail and also does MS Exchange Personal Addressbook format.

Updated by Editors on Thursday, September 21, 2000.

Kmailcvt is a program providing import filters for various formats, e.g. MS Outlook Express 5 and 4, to kmail. It's a followup of oe5_to_mbox 0.51, a console conversion program which does on the commandline functionally the same as kmailcvt but only for OE5 files. As kmailcvt evolved, code from Stephan Nedregard has been added, because of the much better understanding of OE4 and OE5 mailbox formats. Also MS Outlook (and MS Exchange) .PAB Personal Addressbook format has been added.

Platforms: UNIX (Linux)
Requirements: KDE 1.1.2, QT 1.44

Latest releases :

0.24 [Stable]
September 21, 2000

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Hans Dijkema

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