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GParted-livecd, The power and simplicity of GParted on a LiveCD.

Updated by on Thursday, January 21, 2016.

The power and simplicity of GParted on a biz-card size LiveCD. The CD aims to be fast, small in size (~50mb), and use minimal resources to get that disk partitioned the way you want it.

GParted LiveCD uses Xorg, the lightweight Fluxbox manager, and the latest 2.6 Linux Kernel. Being up to date is important. GParted LiveCD will be updated along side the GParted source releases and have minor releases when bugs are fixed or new filesystem tools become available.

The CD also offers the following programs: fdisk, vi, ntfs-3g, partimage, testdisk, Xterm, Midnight Commander.

Iso can be copied on usbstick, boot off usb.

Platforms: x86

Latest releases :

0.25.0-1 [Stable]
January 21, 2016
This live image release contains GParted 0.25.0 which adds fine progress indicators for checking and resizing ext2/3/4 partitions and for resizing NTFS partitions. Also included is improved Linux Software RAID member detection and file system clearing.Items of note include: Based on the Debian Sid repository Jan 19, 2016; Replaced i586 live image with i686; and Linux kernel updated to 4.3.3-5.
0.24.0-2 [Stable]
This release includes GParted 0.24.0 which detects ZFS file systems, recognizes NVMe devices, prevents a hang when labelling fat16/32 file systems if illegal characters in label, and prevents a core dump if invalid or non-existent device paths are passed on the command line.Items of note include: Based on the Debian Sid repository (as of 2015/Oct/28); Linux kernel updated to 4.2.0-1; Fixed vi entry in right-click Editors menu; Added zerofree, efibootmgr, and ddrescue to live image.
0.23.0-1 [Stable]
This live-image release includes GParted 0.23.0 which permits naming a GPT partition on creation, displaying the serial number in device information panel, and preventing a user interface hang when resizing FAT16/32, HFS and HFS+ file systems. Items of note include: Based on the Debian Sid repository (as of 2015/Aug/06); and Linux kernel updated to 4.1.3-1.
0.22.0-1 [Stable]
This live image contains GParted 0.22.0 which now supports reading and writing file systems to disk devices without partition tables, in addition to supporting GPT partition names. The live image is based on the Debian Sid repository as of 2015/Mar/23, and now uses systemd, which is the new default system init on Debian.

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GParted-livecd - excellent
By pediatracancun on Monday, January 22, 2007.

Very good program, specially if you don't know all the commands that you need to type in a terminal in order to partition your disk(s). I have a secondary hard disk, SATA, where I had installed several Linux distributions; I wanted to erase whatever was in the HD, but when installing the Linux distribution, althought it says that it will reformat that area, in reality it doesn't, so information keeps accumulating in the disk. With GParted I erased all the partitions and created the partitions in the disk as I wanted and needed.

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