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Fotoxx, Program for editing image files from a digital camera.

Updated by Editors on Monday, June 2, 2014.
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The goal of fotoxx is to meet most image editing needs while remaining easy to use.

Navigate a large image collection with a thumbnail browser, click on images to view or edit. Most image formats are accepted. Import camera RAW files and edit with 24-bits per color. Save edited images as PNG, JPG, BMP, or TIF (8 or 16 bits per color). Select an object or area with several methods, apply any edit function, cut and paste, resize, blend, warp, etc. without using layers. Add tags, dates, ratings, comments and captions to images and search images using these criteria plus image folder and file names, with wildcard matching. Fotoxx uses your image files wherever they are and maintains an index for fast searching. Fotoxx is easy to use.

Platforms: Linux
Requirements: libtiff4, ufraw-batch, exiftool

Latest releases :

14.06 [Stable]
June 2, 2014

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