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Mount-gtk, Front end for udisks and mount.

Updated by cvine on Monday, June 3, 2013.

This program is a front end for udisks and mount. It provides a means of mounting devices with udisks through a graphical interface.

It is principally intended for use where (i) the user does not want to make use of the automounting facilities of say, nautilus, as and when removable media are inserted in or removed from a computer, (ii) the removable media are not recognised by nautilus (or whatever else is used for automounting), or (iii) the user wants to be able to mount filesystems on user demand which are not removable media, such as network filesystems.

The program is built as a single-instance program - if the user attempts to start it when another instance of it is already running, the existing instance will be brought up on the current desktop. It will therefore not usually be necessary to mark it as displayable on all desktops - instead a normal program launcher for mount-gtk can be placed in the desktop panel and clicked on when the user wants it presented.

Platforms: GTK+
Requirements: udisks, glib >=2.26.0, gtk+2 >= 2.12.0 or gtk+3 >= 2.99.0, c++-gtk-utils >= 1.2.7 or >= 2.0.0-rc1

Latest releases :

1.4.2 [Stable]
June 3, 2013
The program now compiles against the 2.2 series of c++-gtk-utils. A Brazilian-Portuguese translation has been added.
1.4.1 [Stable]
A number of minor interface improvements and fixes have been made.
1.4.0 [Stable]
This is the new stable branch now that udisks2 is stable.
1.2.2 [Stable]
Minor code clean-ups

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