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Skrooge, A personal finances manager, powered by KDE.

Updated by on Tuesday, March 5, 2013.
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Skrooge is a personal finances manager powered by KDE, aiming at being simple and intuitive, yet powerful. Thanks to its many features, it is one of the most powerful way to enter, follow, and analyze your expenses. Skrooge allows you to keep track of your expenses and incomes, categorize them, and build reports of them. You can also manage your investments and see how they perform over time. There is support for managing several accounts. Some of the features included are: advanced graphical reports, several tabs to help you organize your work, infinite undo/redo (even after the file was closed), instant filtering on operations and reports, infinite categories levels, mass update of operations, scheduled operations, track refund of your expenses, automatically process operations based on search conditions, and multi currencies.

Platforms: Linux, GNU/Linux, BSD
Requirements: Qt, KDE

Latest releases :

1.6.0 [Stable]
March 5, 2013
This version's highlights include a revamped Dashboard and an enhancement in the import mechanism (now extensible with additional backends). More point styles in graph and better rendering, better error management in the weboob import plugin, faster and notification-less units downloads, toolbar customization, and other bugfixes.

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